Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reno Air Race

On Sunday some friends and myself went down to the air race held in Reno, NV. I heard about it from another friend and didn't know a lot of the details, just there would be WWII planes there and that alone made me want to go.

The trip was last minute, but I will forever be glad I went. Not only did I get to see the WWII planes, but the races were wonderful to watch - and filled me with the desire to race myself - but the Blue Angels were also there and it has been far too long since I have last seen them.

The history behind this plane was incredible. Around since WWII it changed hands from owner to owner and preformed nearly everything from a fighter plane to a mail carrier.

An amazing WWII jet.

By the time we entered an army transport the unthinkable had happened to me. My camera batteries had died and I had no others. I always ALWAYS carry spares. Leave it to the day I see the Blue Angels to not have extra. All the rest of these pictures were taken with my phone. I felt like a common tourist, only worse because my phone isn't that advanced for stunning picture quality. But it was better than nothing.

The seats inside the carrier.

View from the pilot seat, where I sat.


A fighter jet we were able to look inside of.

This man was inspiring. I wanted to talk to him but had the wrong tickets. He was constantly told he couldn't fly and fought hard to get his licences. Now he is a stunt pilot, one of the best in the world. He flew a bright red biplane I was unable to get a close picture of, thanks to my lack of camera. But his stunts were amazing, and it was clear he was a complete showoff and proud of it.

Him shooting straight up in the air.

The flag carriers for the Blue Angel performance. 

My attempt to get a good picture of the Blue Angel planes.


As you can see, my pictures don't do the show justice. They were simply breath taking to watch. I forgot how graceful and beautiful they looked in the air, like they were doing some kind of elegant dance. They were also frightening, watching them speed at each other only to turn at the last possible second.

If ever anyone has a chance of seeing them I would highly recommend it. Their show is well worth the money and time.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

Last week some friends and myself drove five and a half hours down to Fort Bragg to visit Glass Beach. The first three fourths of the drive was boring, mostly desert and farmland with lots of traffic. But the later part was stunning. It felt like a salty jungle, with majestic pine trees. The sunlight sprinkled down between the branches and caused the dust to shimmer. That alone was well worth the trip.

We were away three days. The first to drive down and set up camp. The second we spent all day at the beach and the third we drove home.

Our campsite in a delightfully rustic campground.

My car, which got us there with no problems. I say this because it has become an unusual thing for cars to get me places

More of our campsite and my friends, worn out from the drive which was miserably hot since I have no air conditioning.

The next morning we packed up as much food as we could carry and claimed a spot on the beach. We planned to explore, relax and swim, only we discovered it was too chilly to swim so we just dunked in the ocean.

This is where we set up. It was a little cove nestled near some pools filled with underwater plant life.

Our cove facing the ocean.

Some of the pool plant life. I have never seen ocean pools before and I loved them.

Some of the glass. Between 1920-1940 the beach was used as a dump. Over time the waves rolled all the trash smooth and washed it on shore. The glass now looks like finely polished rocks. There are two beaches. One where the glass can be collected and another which is supposed to be reserved as a State Park to preserve the history.

We started at the collecting beach.

We also excavated a rock which happened to be the root of the rock wall beside us. We brought a small piece home with us.

Wild flowers and an open meadow above the cove.

More of the cove.

We finally made it to the State Park. All of the glass there was stunning the way it shone in the sun.

We just dug our hands in it and played with all the smooth pieces.

Part of a measuring cup we found.

A small cave at the State Park.

This was part of the cave. I loved this area. It was beautiful.

These creatures were adorable. They lived in the pools and when touched would curl in on themselves and hide.

All five of us.

The pools at ow tide. We returned to our cove to watch the sunset, climbed around the pools and collected more glass.

The sun took forever to begin setting and by then we were freezing but we refused to go until it set.

Jenni loved the beach

Though we were ice cubs it was well worth the wait to watch the sun sink behind the waves.

We were proud we waited so long and fought the cold.

The whole experience was amazing and I want to go back. It is a beach well worth the visit for the history and the beauty.