Monday, November 2, 2015

Day Light Savings

With the question now asked by more then the ten or so individuals who disliked pulling their clocks off the wall and moving the hour hand forward or back, Day Light Savings' future hangs in the balance. The reason behind it seems to be under debate by half of America, maybe three fourths. But until it is decided if America will keep it or banish it to some dark depths of forgetfulness everyone can enjoy the extra hour of sleep we've been given.

We all know the extra hour, technically, only applies to the first night we turn our clocks back. However, since our bodies are still used to waking up before the sun, many get to enjoy the pleasure of rising at five - before alarms blast us out of bed - realize we've got another hour of sleep, and snuggle back down into over stuffed blankets.

I say we because I am one of them. Sometimes I don't even snuggle back to sleep. Sometimes I lay in the warmth of my blanket with a good book so that I might feel as if I am accomplishing extra things during my day.

To me though, Day Light Savings means the coming of winter. Fall is nearly past and with it the best parts of the season. The golden leaves have almost all fallen off the trees, at least in the western states. Those in the south and east, you still get to enjoy the spray of color. The red, yellow, and orange. Final days of Indian summer and rain storms.

Us in the west, it is time for us to bundle up. Scarfs, hats, gloves, boots, coats...all of it. The wind turns bitter, it bites through all our layers but for some reason we still insist on going outside.

Why you might ask? Especially of those of us who live in the mountains. Up here snow comes early. Already I can see it on top of the highest mountain peaks. On my way to work in the early morning hours the fields I pass through are white with frost. My nose and cheeks turn bright red, my fingers start to stiffen, and I dream of hot tea.

But out I go, every day. Why do I insist on braving the cold? The early darkness which is a price we all have to pay for the sun coming in through our windows in the morning rather then three hours after our alarm clock has rattled us out of bed? Is it because of my dog who loves her daily walk?

Yes. And yet she isn't the only reason. I can't resist the mountain air. I can't stop myself from strolling among the pine trees, of feeling the blast of icy wind as it rushes across the lake, of smelling the first hint of snow in the gray and green air.

For that reason it is worth it. It is worth watching the sun set at four o'clock. It is worth crunching through thick frost in the morning. Worth the red noses and cheeks. Worth enjoying Day Light Savings even though it might not make it another year.

Because winter, and every wonderful thing it contains, is worth experiencing. 

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