Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unexpected Blessings

Whenever things happen they tend to happen all at once. In one fell swoop lives change, either with blessings or trials. I've had both happen to me over the summer, and it continues on into the winter. After the struggle of loosing my job as a nanny I scoured the internet and newspapers, asked friends and stalked businesses, desperate to find another job so I could afford my rent. Nothing revealed itself, and when it did I got turned down. Then, to add to all of that, my car started to have problems. Winter set in, night came on earlier, I didn't have the right gear to continue to walk to work with snow covering the ground...I found myself in the middle of another hard trial. 

I have no idea why all of it happened, especially after I'd just been given my own place to live through near impossible circumstances. I could only place my trust in God and work at finding another job. But when my car started to have problems I had days where I just wanted to give up. I wanted to pack my bags and run somewhere and hide.

Then, a friend of mine took me to meet her mechanic. A man with a sense of humor who picked up on my struggles in the blink of an eye. One moment I'd introduced myself, the next I had a job offer and instructions to bring my car to him so he could fix it...without charge.

I'm not the sort of person who cries when a blessing is dropped in my lap. I don't know why. I think I'm always too stunned, so unlike other females, I just smile shyly and say thank you over and over. Then I go for a long hike and try and take in all which has happened to me.

Maybe because of my various trials throughout life, the beauty of the mountains staggers me. Or maybe they stagger everyone with the same feelings. Feelings of being small and alone, of knowing one wrong turn, of not keeping a sense of direction at all times could get one lost in the jagged hillside. There is something mysterious and frightening, but so beautiful about them. 

I've lived in the mountains my whole life but they still take my breath away. I scale rocks, only to reach the top and find a scene spread out below me which leaves me in speechless wonder. The amazing beauty and not everyone gets the chance to see it. While I can also see the beauty in other parts of the country it is the mountains I will always end up comparing them to.

Today held the same wonder, only doubled because of the disbelief I'd been thrust into before I started my hike. Sometimes I am only surrounded by selfish people, and when I meet someone kind enough to give me a helping hand I am wonderstruck. 

I always come away thinking of ways I can be a blessing to those around me, even to those I don't know personally.

In light of the Paris terrorist attach yesterday, the mechanic's kindness to me only strikes me with even more amazement. It isn't so much that someone would take the time to help me, a complete stranger, as it reminds me in a world filled with sin there are still those who do what they can for those who need help. Even if it isn't to fix a car, but just to smile, make them laugh or take a moment to notice their pain.

For someone who feels alone that means more than anything in the world and isn't something they will easily forget.

(These are some bramble bushes Jenni and I ended up in when we hiked up to get a closer look at a dead forest. Somehow we got through them fine to get to the trees, but on the way down our path got blocked off and we had to fight them to get out. I ended up crossing fallen trees while Jenni found paths under the bushes.)

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