Friday, November 27, 2015

Up the river

These two pictures have nothing to do with my walk up a river. I had planned to take Jenni for a walk in a meadow last week and we saw this guy calmly munching through someone's trash and blocking the way he watched us I decided to walk somewhere else and not risk passing him with my dog. But I got some nice pictures thanks to my zoom. I'd have gotten a bit closer if I were alone.

On Saturday I decided to take a long walk. I started at the lake and walked down it to a river outlet. Ever since summer I'd wanted to follow the river up to see where it connected from the lake but didn't get the chance. Saturday was an unusually nice day and had a break in the storms which have hit us so I went for it. I didn't get any pictures of my way up the lake, but I went past the dog water park on the side of the lake which faces Al Tahoe road. I walked down until I came to the first river outlet and started up from there. (The couple in the picture seemed to have the same idea as I since both were armed with heavy cameras.)

The river, which I later discovered to be Truckee River - at least I believe it is the one I came across - reminds me of one back home. Because of this it has become one of my all time favorite spots to visit when I have enough time on my hands to get there.

Because of all the snow and the still somewhat nice weather last week not everything was yet brown and dead. There were hints of green everywhere and the sky was cloudless. It felt like an early spring day, not late fall.

Most of the area was covered in short grass and bushes, but once in a while I'd come upon little beaches. Because of the warm weather I was tempted to kick off my hiking boots and jump into the water. The only thing which stopped me was the fact I knew it was much colder than it looked. (I love the clouds in this picture.)

In spite of how brown this picture looks this is one of the prettiest spots up the river. It's hard to capture it on film but it is stunning.

I tried to follow the river bank as close as I could but sometimes I had to cut further upland since the bank had too steep of a drop off and bushes grew too close to it. When I did this I often went through paths which lead through the bushes, only to come upon breaks which gave me an amazing view of the river. Jenni loved these breaks and jumped into the river a couple of times. (Here the river branched into two. The bigger went right and a smaller creek left. We followed the creek for a little ways.)

The sunlight on the water.

The creek. I loved this area. It felt secluded, as if Jenni and I were the only ones who had ever set foot there. It was beautiful, though we didn't follow it for long. A little ways down I realized I knew this creek went back to the lake and was one I had visited before. I wanted to walk down it but I wanted more to find where the bigger river started, so I turned back. I plan to go back sometime and follow the creek though, just for the view. 

The area is simply amazing. It's the perfect getaway if one needs time alone with just their thoughts. It's also a wonderful area for a picnic.

Blurry but I like this picture. I was trying to capture the sun's reflection but it didn't work. (About this time I had turned back but I realized the only way to follow the river was to cross the creek. It wasn't that deep, but in late fall the water was cold. I looked for something I could cross over - a fallen log or rocks - but when I found nothing I just plunged in. My hiking boots claim to be water proof but I've never tested them like that before. I was impressed. They stayed fairly dry over the crossing.)

One of the bush paths. By this time I had no idea where the river was taking me. It wasn't taking me back to Al Tahoe road though like I thought. I kept going though because I hate turning back, but I didn't get anymore pictures. One reason is the way the path took me kept taking my breath away and I didn't want to stop for pictures every few seconds. Another reason is I don't want to take pictures of everything I see. If one wants to visit there themselves I think it would take away from part of the wonder.

The river went on and on and twisted and turned. I walked past a forest, a marsh, open meadows and some kind of docking yard I want to go back and explore because it was too far from the lake to be a proper docking yard but I don't know what else it could be.

Finally I had to leave the river behind without finding where it went and head back to the road. I ended up further down from Tahoe River, which is the river I thought I had been following, and passed a sign which mentioned Truckee Marsh. I can't be sure, but I assume that means the river I had followed was the Truckee River. This summer I want to go back and follow it again, since I will have more time and more sunlight.

It was a great day though and I'm still in awe over the sights I saw.

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