Thursday, January 7, 2016

Over Christmas

My brothers and cousin came to visit me over the Christmas holiday. We always have lots of fun when we're together and go on all sorts of odd adventures. This visit wasn't any different.

Their first day here we drove all the way around the lake. It was one of the coldest days we have had all winter, but we still stopped at Emerald Bay and braved the cold for a few pictures. 

This is a little island in the bay. A tomb was built on the island for a man who would row across the lake from South Lake Tahoe to Tahoe City. He was never buried in the tomb he built as his boat over turned on night and he drowned. His body was never recovered.

The tomb was made of wood and has long since fallen down, but you can still see the spot where it once stood, high up on the top of the island.

We watched a storm move down the mountain opposite us. We then drove along that mountain

I have plans to hike up that mountain later in the summer this year.

These two pictures are different angles of the bay

A view of the lake from above Emerald Bay. It was amazing to stand and watch fog roll in and then clear. Sometimes the other side of the lake could not be seen, then without warning the fog would lift and we could see from one side to the other. This is a view facing the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe

A picture of the trees which I don't really like, I zoomed in too close.

The bay itself is wonderful. I hope to take a raft there this summer and row out to the island.

Near the end of my brothers' visit we tried to go to Yosemite. We made it to the outside line but the road was closed. We ended up parking and hiking up a mountain right outside the park. (This was the day we had planned to go skiing, but the road to Homewood - where we were headed - had been closed because of a rock slide. We went the next day, going the opposite way around the lake.)

Despite the sunshine the wind was cold. We wore our coats when we left the car, and spent the hike buttoning and unbuttoning them depending on what kind of tree cover we found.

This is my youngest brother, William. The rocks were loose and often we would go up a slope one at a time so as not to kick rocks down on whomever happened to be below us.

A view of Yosemite. The whole climb brought us upon stunning views, not only of Yosemite but also the Nevada valley on the other side. It took our breath away.

My brother Ryan, he is the middle out of the three of us.

One of our pauses where we took in the sights and waited for whomever was below to catch up.

As you can see, some of us also had our snow boats on as we'd dressed for a hike in the snowy Yosemite Park

The road below is where we parked our car.

This is one of the steeper areas we climbed. The rocks were particularly loose here and we had to be extra careful - not only so as not to hurt anyone below us but also so that we wouldn't lose our footing and slide back down the mountain.

I tried my best to capture the view on camera. It is a hundred times more stunning in person. My cousin Daviyd and I stopped almost every few seconds just to stare in amazement.

Another area we went straight up. Because this was higher up there were patches of ice

Yosemite National Park

I cannot express enough how incredible the sight was. I am still in awe of it and would go back in a heart beat just to sit and look at it again.

A meadow across the road from our car

I zoomed in for this picture, but it gives you an idea how high up we were.

Daviyd, who is the rock climber in the family. He always scales the hardest spots he can find.

A storm began to move over the Yosemite mountains as we climbed

The jagged rocks were extra fun to climb. Though like the smaller ones, these were loose as well and we had to go with caution.

Another picture of the road to show how high up we went.

You can see the storm clouds a little more clearly in this picture. It was wonderful to have the chance to watch them roll down the mountainside

The valley below us

Daviyd helped me scale a smooth rock for this picture. (It is hard to rock climb in large snow boats I discovered.) This is the Nevada valley we drove through to reach the park. The different colors and lay of the land was one of the best sights we saw that day. My picture doesn't do it nearly the justice it deserves.

Another of the Nevada valley.

A lake far off in the distance which we drove by on our way through

Ryan on our journey back down.

We found a crevice were there had once been a rock slide. The gravel had little to offer in the way of traction and our trip down involved a lot of sliding. We pointed our feet down and went for it. Daviyd even slid down on his coat once. We had a good deal of fun during our attempted controlled slide.

A view of the top of one of the mountain's peaks. We didn't make it all the way to the top, sadly, as the storm on the Yosemite side moved over to our side

This is another view of the mountain. Again, not the top peak. At the top of this peak we found another, and then another. We made it to the top of about three before we had to turn back.

Before we went on our hike we had the idea to make a large pot of chili. Unfortunately I'm not the best cook in the world and I filled the large pot half full of beans which were left to simmer late into the night. By the next morning they had grown and left us with a full pot of beans. We fried a lot of meat and did our best at making chili

I still have chili in my freezer. I'll be eating it for a while

Christmas Day we took a trip down to the lake before we went to dinner at some friends'. Daviyd, Ryan, and William wanted to jump into the lake but didn't get the chance as it was iced over a good ways out.

Daviyd, William and Ryan on the lake

There was so much snow

To make up for not getting to jump into the lake they rolled around in the snow and had a mini snowball fight. It was so cold but so much fun.

I hated when they had to go back home but we're already planning a trip this summer were we will go to Yosemite and attempt to climb Half Dome.

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