Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trout Creek

I tried to walk down Trout Creek the other day. There are two rivers I've found which cut through town, Trout and Truckee. Trout is the first one while coming down from Stateline.

The snow has been melting but there was still enough to make me regret having worn my hiking boots and not my snow boots.

There were plenty of willows down by the creek. I had to crawl through them and sometimes over them. But they came in handy for when I worked with my zoom on my camera. It works better with a person but I didn't have a hiking buddy that day and Jenni wouldn't stay still long enough for me to practice

The idea is to get a close up and take a picture, then step back and zoom in so the person is the same distance in the picture. As you can see, I used a branch, and that didn't work out as I kept zooming in closer and closer every time I stepped back. I plan to try it again with a friend.

We soon gave up on Trout Creek as it is the land around it is owned and there were No Tresspassing signs everywhere. Instead we went to the hiking trail behind Ross.

This is an area right below the college. In the summer I sometimes go and sit here to read.

I love snowy branches.

One of the few times I got Jenni to stand still long enough to almost get a picture.

Sadly, my pictures seem to have gotten out of order. This is Trout Creek. It isn't as big as Truckee but is still a nice creek

The trail behind the college and Ross. It's been groomed for cross country skiing which I want to do before the snow all melts - if I am able to get boots.

I still haven't learned which river this is. I follow it but since there are so many outlets and inlets I can never follow the main river without getting turned around.

A lovely little clearing I found, surrounded by three large trees.

The mountains as the storm clouds rolled in.

More storm clouds. Though I wasn't able to capture it, it was lovely to watch the clouds move down.

Even with the storm closing in on us the day was surprisingly warm for January. I know it will snow more before winter is over but I've enjoyed this warm spell.

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