Thursday, January 21, 2016

Working with white

I'm trying to learn how to use the settings on my camera, how to work with shadows and light and different settings such as night time pictures or snowy ones. The book I picked up has helped, but one thing it said to do was experiment. Especially with white back drops as the camera will pick up different shades depending on the setting used and the shutter speed.

It snowed here the other morning, a heavy snow that turned everything white. When I woke up the sky was a brilliant blue and the sun bright. I decided I'd have few other chances to work with so much white and sunlight. Usually when it snows it is cloudy up until the middle of the day and then the snow melts in a flash.

This is an open area near my place where I take Jenni in the mornings for a bathroom break. I went out in my over sized snow boots and clomped around with my tripod while I fidgeted with the different shutter speeds on my camera.

I also tried it on the setting which picks up any color in the area and makes it pop. This setting makes the pictures not look as real but I have fun using it from time to time as it brings out all the bright colors.

Without that setting and on the auto setting

I love this kind of snow, even though it didn't stick well enough this time to make snowmen.

Jenni loves this snow as well. She loves to bury her nose in it and look for sticks

I wanted to capture the snow as it fell off the trees but I don't like how bright this setting turned the sky. It wasn't as light blue as that but much deeper

Different shades of white

These two are two of my favorites. I like how the white turned out in the shadows.

For some reason this setting blurred it - mostly I moved the shutter speed around and shading up and down on different settings. For some reason this combination blurred

A slightly different adjustment

And there they are. My first white trial pictures. I need to keep working on them, but I like how some turned out.

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