Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saturday walk

I decided two Saturdays ago to follow the path which runs behind Ross and the college and see were it went. I'd planned to wait until summer, but there was a break in the constant spring storms and I was suffering cabin fever so I got out while I could.

The weather was really nice even if it drizzled a little as I biked down. I didn't mind the chilly mist and neither did Jenni who loves the cold more than anyone I've ever seen.

Most of the path follows a creek once you get down behind Ross, the creek is Trout Creek which I tried to follow a few months ago but ran into no trespassing signs which hindered that expedition.

Because of the cooler weather and the drizzle no one was out on the path, which is usually populated. In the winter it is groomed for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. In the summer when I've gone on it I've always run into hikers, couples out walking their dogs, and college students taking a break between classes. I enjoyed having the path to myself.

Further down from the college the creek widens out and flows slower. It cuts through more meadow land and not so much forest area and it would be an ideal place for a summer picnic. 

A fallen tree which I like to balance on. I have yet to cross it though because I've only discovered it this winter and if I'm going to risk falling in I'd rather wait for the water to be warmer.

Even with the snow storms spring is trying to show itself and I passed splashes of hidden color on the narrower paths which branch off the main one. I wasn't able to capture the real beauty of the trees and the tiny buds but I attempted it.

There was still plenty of brown and snow of course. It was ideal for hiking boots and there wasn't any need for my heavy snow boots.

As I neared the end of one path, which was blocked off by the icy river I couldn't cross without freezing my feet, another storm began to roll in. It brought with it a cooler wind, which Jenni and I both welcomed as we'd become heated from all our scrambling around.

The creek itself is soothing and quiet. There are spots along it which would be perfect for sitting with a good book and passing an afternoon in the sun. 

There are even lovely swimming holes, one of which I went to last summer.

Jenni, who has become fond of having her picture taken. When I first got her cameras terrified her, I guess she got used to my constant picture taking. 

The main path, which I found lets out by a quiet little neighborhood I didn't know existed as it is well hidden in the trees.

More of the storm clouds. I enjoyed watching them roll in across the blue sky.

Overall the path is really nice and has a laid back feel. There are plenty of places which branch off the main path and several quiet nooks one could slip in to if they are feeling too crowded. It is also easy to find, unlike some of the other paths I trek along. It has several areas of access, the man ones being right behind Ross and the other behind the college. But it can be entered closer down to the main road as well.

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