Friday, July 8, 2016

Spring and the beginning of Summer

I have a good reason for vanishing. I have had company over the last few weeks. My adopted sisters, and we have been going on amazing adventures. Most of which involved water so I couldn't get a ton of pictures since my camera and water don't mix.

I have take many pictures though. We have done other things besides play in water. Such as today, when we went to the beach to fly a kite - which then got stuck in a tree. Me, being me and not thinking things through so well, climbed the tree and almost got stuck coming back down. The first branch was high off the ground. I managed to pull myself up but couldn't drop back down without the risk of hurting myself on the many rocks below. Thankfully a fence had been built beside the tree.

I will now share my collection of pictures collected over the last few months. 

These are from Spooner Lake, which Jenni and I walked around after a failed job interview. Spooner Lake is a few miles outside Tahoe, beside the road which leads to Incline Village. It's a wonderful drive to the village.

Below is Bridal Falls, which can be passed on the way to Sacramento. I drove down there in the spring for a flying conference. On the way back I stopped by the falls which rise above the road. The path beside them has a jungle feel and many spider webs in the trees. 

Some early spring time shots taken at various places around South Lake.

I took my adopted sisters on a hike around Fallen Leaf Lake, a nice sized lake close to Lake Tahoe. I thought it would take about two hours, it took us five. We saw a bear we walked past and we shimmed across a nice sized water fall.

My sisters

Me and one of my sisters

An old fortress we found

By the time we got to the fortress we had been hiking for about four hours straight so we were pretty worn out

The first of June Jenni and I took a trip down to the Red Woods. Unfortunately we couldn't hike around because dogs aren't allowed on the paths through the forest. But the camping was fun, I camped at a camp ground about ten miles from the forest. To get there I had to drive my 91 Blazer, named Tintin, over a ragged dirt, winding road. He held up amazingly.
At the park I got pictures of the trees, refilled my water and found a pine cone for the girls I used to nanny. It was a slightly disappointing trip since I couldn't hike, but the drive to the Red Wood trees was amazing. It was slow because the road had so many hair pin turns in it. But there were so many stunning views the higher up we went. I would recommend everyone go there at least once, but be forewarned. Dogs aren't that welcome.

My pictures got out of order. This is a massive lake Jenni and I stopped at on the way back home. We were hot and miserable in the hundred degree weather, so we stopped for lunch and played in the water. 

The drive up to the trees

More of the drive up. It was breathtaking. 

The pretty lake we played in

Same lake

One of the lovely trees

I tried to get her to stay as a measure reference. She didn't like having to sit and wouldn't look at me.

The camp ground. There was a wild, roaring river which charged through a gully. It was nice to fall asleep by, and to sit by and listen to.

The first trees I spotted before I reached the really big ones.

And my tent and campsite. That is Tintin's headlight in the corner of the picture.

A few weeks ago I took my sisters to Zephyr Cove so we could take my little raft out and go to some rocks in the bay. Zephyr Cove is a busy but amazingly beautiful beach with clear waters and jagged rocks. 

We rafted out to the rocks in the distance. We've taken my raft out four times so far this summer. Once on Reagen Beach to give it a trail run, once on the icy Truckee River, another time on the river behind Ross, and then to the cove.

Our latest adventure, not counting the kite and the tree, was when I took my car in for an oil change. I go up to Kingsbury Grade on Stateline. Behind the mechanic's shop is a path which weaves through meadows and trees. My sisters and I walked down, then played a little in the water, explored and sat in the sunshine and grass to read. That turned out to be a relaxing adventure and very pleasant as well as pretty.

And that summarizes what has been going on thus far. This doesn't count my first Stand-Up Paddle which I loved, morning walks along the beach to look at birds, time spent in a pleasant coffee shop garden, my first official flight lesson or us pushing the raft up stream in icy waters to get back to the car. So far it has been my best summer ever, with plenty of exploring, swimming and laying out in the sun on the beach to read.

At the end of this month we plan on going to Glass Beach, so there will be pictures from that. Next week we want to try and take the raft out on Emerald Bay.

For now I will leave you.

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